CEREC Crowns



A crown fits over a structurally-damaged tooth, restoring strength, promoting a properly-aligned bite, and improving physical appearance. Dr. Reinicke uses CAD/CAM technology with CEREC to create crowns in a single visit. Our patients love the convenience and predictability that CEREC crowns afford.


In the past, if you needed a crown, you had to schedule two visits. The first visit was to take impressions and measurements and fit you for a temporary crown. When your final restoration came back from the dental lab, you would visit the dentist for final placement. CEREC technology allows Dr. Reinicke to design, create, and place your custom crown in the comfort of our office, in about an hour.


How are CEREC crowns made?


To begin, the Dr. Reinicke prepares the damaged tooth, then paints a thin layer of reflective powder directly on the tooth's surface. Using a special camera, he then takes a picture of the tooth.

There is no need to take a messy, uncomfortable impression to send off to a lab. Dr. Reinicke has a full 3D view of the restoration as he creates it, viewing, manipulating and verifying all aspects of the restoration design for accuracy and assurance of an ideal fit.

After 3D Imaging, the material block is placed in the milling chamber. Minutes later, milling is complete and the restoration is ready to place.

Benefits of CEREC crowns 


Customization -  With CEREC, the doctor personally designs the crown. He can add grooves, contours, and choose the right shade for your smile.


Convenience - From start to finish, CEREC crowns take about an hour to create. They save our patients the time and hassle of multiple trips to the dental office.


Durability - CEREC milling blocks are made from high-quality materials that have been proven strong and reliable. CEREC blocks are tooth-colored as well, so you can preserve your all-white smile.


Reliability -  For over 20 years, patients have trusted CEREC for high-quality dental restorations.